We have all arrived home safely from our trip to Honduras – Even though most of us have left a part of our heart back there.
We gave medical care to a lot of people.  The construction guys got a lot of projects done.  The surgery team worked many long hours and helped many people.  Many gifts were given out – most of them made and donated by people who couldn’t come along.
Many of you have prayed for us and encouraged us.
So all of you are part of the team that  helped the Honduran people – Thank you for that!
There are many poor and hurting people in Honduras – Please continue to pray for the people that we came in contact with.  We pray that they will see God and come to know Him better.
Also please pray for Jason, Kelly and their family as they care for the people in their area and show God’s love there.  They are doing a great job!
If any of you would like to see pictures of the trip, we have lots of them on DVD’s.  We would love to show them to you.
Thank you for your prayers and for your love.   We are already looking forward to our next trip there.

The Honduras Mission Team