PATTH, (Pella Area Teams to Honduras) travels annually to Honduras to volunteer with medical, construction and surgical brigades.  PATTH partners with missionary organizations in the Guaimaca area.  Guaimaca is located approximately 2 hours Northest of Tegucigalpa, which is the capital city of Honduras.  It is on the highway between Tegucigalpa and Catacamas.  We have 3 teams that we hire local interpreters to help with the language barrier.   Surgical Team – The surgical team serves at the Centro Medico Clinic in Guaimaca.  By working together, medical teams from the hospital and our surgery team perform surgeries to improve the quality of life for many Hondurans.  A recently constructed surgical wing allows the team to perform a wide range of surgeries in a safe, state-of-the-art facility.   Construction Team – built a new school at Cerro Grande.  The children have a safe building to attend school.  This past year they completed the school by doing electrical work.  The team along with the Honduran pastor and parishioners poured a foundation for a new church in the area also.   Rural Medical Team – work alongside with the Honduran physicians in brigades to under-served villages near Guaimaca providing medical, optometry, dental care and physical therapy.  The medical brigades treat 100 – 200 patients daily, providing medicines to treat chronic illness and giving families access to vitamins that are needed due to their inability to afford nutritious meals.  The teams traveling to Honduras bring all the medications and eyeglasses needed for patients.  The average cost of the medication brought to Honduras is between $5,000 – $8,000.