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March 2010 Mission Trip To God be the glory great things he has done…yes, we see the great things he has done in everything that happens! From the beautiful sunsets atop the “upper room” to the sense of peace given to everyone riding in the 4×4 when the brakes quit working. Every night as we did devotions we discussed being globally positioned to serve. Our pray each night was “Lord, show me the right road and help me to walk it, show me the right road and help me to walk it.” We walked roads through missed airport connections. We walked roads through the back streets of Suyapa to minister to people’s physical needs. We walked roads through the darkness of Honduras to travel to our next medical brigade. Actually we were riding in a van but saw how the Hondurans walk along the roads at night, ride their bicycles in total darkness, or sit and wait for the next bus to give them a ride. We walked a small portion of the road that people walked two hours to come and see a doctor and get basic medicines. We walked a short road from our dorm to the church to worship with the people of Guiamaca on Sunday morning. As we were returning from the mountain village of Agua Frios we walked the road of thankfulness after we got the 4×4 stopped. This time we walked the road that made us realize how unexpected things happen no matter where we serve God. But we also felt we were carried for awhile as Dawn negotiated the mountain curves with no brakes. We talked about the peace that came over us as we knew we could be killed but also knew we would spend eternity with Jesus Christ and God. That night at devotions we talked about how even though we are walking the road God led us to it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen. But it does mean God will be with us every step of the way. He wants us to be alive during the hard times! Sometimes the roads we walked were the short distance to the hospital to help at the clinic, fold laundry or clean out closets. Other people walked the road to Sandy and JoAnne’s new home helping complete wiring and painting brackets. We walked the road to the casita in the afternoon to be refreshed with authentic Honduran food and their delicious ice cream. We walked the road to transitioning from Sandy and JoAnne as directors of Hospital Bautista to meeting the new directors, Tully and Dawn along with their family. We learned about their continuing the work that was started and the groundwork being laid to continue the vision. The last road we walked was to the bus and our return back to our families, friends and jobs. Sometimes this can be the hardest road to walk because we know there are a lot of things we could have finished. God gave us many good experiences and it’s important for us to walk the road of telling our story to others. But not only telling our story but also telling God’s story. Our prayer doesn’t stop because our mission trip is over but it continues daily…”Lord, show me the right road and help me to walk it, show me the right road and help me to walk it…”