Time to come home! It’s hard to believe that our week is over. It has gone so fast.

Yesterday was a very satisfying day visiting the Valley of the Angels. We had a chance to relax, enjoy each others company, get a little shopping in, and even to taste a pupusa.

We also visited an orphanage, and had fun playing with the children, some of us stepped out of our comfort zone, and had our nails painted—even doctors and construction workers, etc. We had a bit of a challenge when the school bus we were in couldn’t make it up the hill—we had to get out and walk up the hill.

Our last night was at the BMDMI mission house. We got to preview a CD of our pictures, which was a emotional time for many of us. We also had a time of devotions, where we had a chance to share where we saw God this week. We could have talked for hours.

Thank you to our families for allowing us to take this time to nourish our souls. We have gained much from this experience!

See you all in USA very soon!

Dios Le Bendiga (God bless you)