Update 03.04.10


This was our last day to minister medically to people in the mountain villages. We had some drizzle this morning but it didn’t keep the people away. The dentist worked doing extractions and the doctors saw 171 people. The people were so gracious and we heard lot of “gracias”.

Last night we enjoyed a traditional Honduras meal – pupusas with a cole slaw topping and rice pudding with real vanilla and cinnamon sticks. Tonight we had chicken tacos. The fresh fruits and vegetables are so tasty. Normally we go for ice cream every night but the casita on the campus has Eskimos ice cream sandwiches. Yummy!

The hard part of our day was saying goodbye to the great interpreters we had during the week. God is really at work in the lifes of these young people.

We thank God that we’ve had a week to “walk down the right road” and serve him. We have been blessed!

Tomorrow we’re going to relax a bit by going to the sugar cane “factory” and visit the Valley of the Angels.

Have a blessed day!

The Honduras Mission Team