Our last update from Honduras:
We set up a clinic right by the place we are staying, in a church.  We saw 217 people today who had registered, and we think about 30 – 40 more who hadn’t registered.  Our team of 10 worked together well, and Dr Daining and Beth were very tired after seeing that many people.  When we look at those numbers, it’s hard to believe that we saw that many people, but we don’t always measure our days by numbers.  We gave out a lot of meds, did quite a few scabies treatments, and just loved on the people.  The get so excited by just little things – a coloring book with a couple crayons, some pony tail holders, a pair of new socks, – stuff we don’t ever think about as special any more.  I pray that God will keep us from focusing on all the “things” of the world in the states, but focus on his goodness and love, and that he will keep us content.
The scenery here is beautiful.  God has awesome handiwork. 
We will be flying back to the states tomorrow.  Please pray for safe travel and an easy adjustment to the states, well not too easy, because we don’t want to forget about the people of Honduras who suffer because of poverty.  We want to keep them in our hearts and minds so that we can continue to support them in prayer and any other way we can help from the states.
It also sounds like we will have a big adjustment to the weather – It has been beautiful weather here.  Some of us even got a little sunburn.
Thanks once again for checking in on us, but mostly THANK YOU for your prayers.