Update 03.03.10


Today was a day rich in the goodness and grace of God. We traveled to Agua Frios on a “Gravel” road which was about a 90 minutes drive. The mountains were beautiful and we gathered in alot of the culture of Honduras.

This is a very remote area with basically a school on the edge of a mountain. 191 people registered to see the doctors. Please pray for a woman we saw today whose husband committed suicide 4 months ago and she is raising 5 young children.

As we were traveling down the mountain today the brakes on the vehicle Dawn was driving quit working. Obviously we gained speed going down mountains plus we negotiated a corner by sliding. Dawn remained calm and controlled the vehicle so well. Robby yanked on the emergency brake and as we were coming down the hill she hit the brakes one more time and they worked bringing us to a complete stop. Praise God for the safety we were given and guiding Dawn’s hand as she was driving. God is good!

Larry is busying with the electrical wiring in Sandy and JoAnne’s house. They’re getting so excited to move in to the house.

Tomorrow off to another village. The dental team from Tennessee is traveling with us tomorrow. Please pray for us as we minister to the people.