Good morning!
The people who returned home have all arrived safely.  I think a few of them are having some stomach issues, but we are praying they will feel well soon.  Please pray for them as they re-enter into life in the states.  It is hard to go from the culture of Honduras with all the poverty, to the wealth of the US.
There are 10 of us who stayed in Honduras.  We set up medical brigades on Friday afternoon/evening and all day yesterday.  We saw about 250 people in that time with only 2 Drs/Nurses- more scabies and head lice was treated.  Lots of vitamins and Tylenol along with hugs were given to the people of that village.  It was a very calm group that we served – sometimes there is unrest if they think they might not get seen by the Dr. or get some medicines.  We handed out eyeglasses and gifts to them also.  Sandy-I’m not sure about Don’s eyeglass education, but a lot of elderly ladies gave him big smiles when they could read with their new glasses.
Friday night we stayed in homes of some of the people in the village.  Some of the places were quite nice and some not so.  It was a new experience for most of us.  No showers that night – But at least we all smelled bad on Saturday.  What a thing for them to open their homes to total strangers from another country.
Today we are going to attend a church here in Tegus, have Subway for lunch and then go to a couple tourist things, including going to the base of the Jesus statue that over looks the city.  We also will need to go buy some more medications for our clinic tomorrow.
We are planning on a big crowd tomorrow, so we will need to get up early and be on our way.
Please continue to pray for our safety, health, and flexibility to show God’s love to the people here.  They are so poor and need all our help and love.  We are thankful that we have this opportunity to serve.
Thanks for catching up on us.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

The Honduras Mission Team