We had another great sunny day here.

The construction team worked in JoAnn and Sandy’s house on the guest bedrooms again. We did lots of overhead work putting up a structure to attach the ceiling on. As a result we have some sore muscles and should sleep very well tonight. We won’t tell you about any of the mistakes we made! It is a good thing the Lord is patient with us—not to mention Sandy. Ben befriended the parrots in the cage behind the house and got them all stirred up. They really got to chattering. They will say “Hola” first thing in the morning if it is quiet. JoAnn coaxes us to fix some things Sandy doesn’t seem to get to. We fixed the shower so it doesn’t leak all over the floor.

Dental day 3: We had an awesome day in Los Jobos, a village around 30 minutes away. The medical group worked out of a small schoolhouse…we worked out of the kitchen. It was rather nifty, if we say so ourselves. We saw a wide range of patients from ages 3–70 (we extracted 4 teeth on a 3 year old…he did amazing) one of the five year olds that we saw was not quite as cooperative…there might have been a little bribing involved to get him to open up. Thanks to Danny (our interpreter) and Dennis for helping us out. Our last patient of the day was a man with HIV, he was very up front and honest with his condition. We did choose to see him. He was extremely grateful, and everything went perfectly smooth. When we finished, the pastor in town showed us around his home and his wife served us the best coffee (lots of sugar water 🙂 )

Medical Brigade: We echo the sentiments of the dental team. Today was saw 160 patients. Dr Daining and Dr Gritters have been helped by very fluent Spanish interpreters. Jackson is telling us about a 3 inch cockroach he saw in the village today. It’s sort of like a fish tale, the cockroach keeps getting larger. Dr Daining treated a little boy today who was burned on the right side of his abdomen and his right arm in a trash fire. What a stoic child. As we dressed his wounds he did not whimper or complain at all. Again a lot of people needed vitamins and ibuprofen/Tylenol. They are so grateful for the team coming to treat them. Besides treating them medically we are able to serve them through the many great things given to us by people in Iowa: blankets, diapers, stocking caps and other toys. We also learned today about marble that is mined in the area. They showed us the hills where large marble rocks are located and told how there is TNT in the area to dynamite. Some of us are bringing home pieces of marble as a memory.

Tomorrow we serve in the village for the last day. The time has gone so quickly. Please continue to pray for the team as we serve in Christ’s name.

God’s blessings abound,

The Honduras Mission Team