Update 03.02.10

Today we traveled to Los Jobos for a medical mission. Dr Daining, Dr Tully, and Dr Ana were our doctors and we ministered to 108 plus people. It was a 20 minute drive through very dusty roads. Our pot holes in Iowa are mild compared to this road!

Kenny, Lori and Robby had fun playing with the kids. They played soccer, made pictures and just laughed alot. It is so amazing to me how the school kid’s moms get their clothes so white under these dry conditions.

Mary and Lori aren’t convinced the geekos are our friends. But they’re trying to adjust. They scurry around on the walls and windows eating bugs. Perfectly harmless!

Tomorrow we head to Agua Frio which is just a short jaunt up and down the mountain. We’ve been told about a 90 minute ride. We’re going to need pillows to protect the tops of our heads from the roof of the jeep.

Our devotions tonight encouraged us to reflect on our possessions and if they possess us. It was very humbling after we meet so many people with what we consider so little but are content and trust God for their needs. God loves all of us the same and created us all in his sight!

Please continue praying for us and the people whose lives we minister to.