Greetings from beautiful Honduras!

It was a gorgeous day today—started a little cool and cloudy but ended up with a lot of sunshine (a few people have the sunburns to prove it).

The medical brigade headed 1 1/2 hours up into the mountains to serve the people of Agua Frei. Over the six hours we were there, 176 people were served with all types of ailments. The most common things were simple colds and scabies, but there were also cases as complicated as epilepsy. One little boy was treated with a machete cut. The doctors, nurses and aids worked side by side in the local school, and many others handed out stocking hats and flip flops, some painted little girls’ fingernails, and others entertained the children with soccer and other games. We feel the people of this community were blessed in many ways with the love of Jesus Christ.

The dental team that joined our group are from Tennessee. They worked in the dental clinic at the hospital today. The day was spent mostly doing fillings and extractions. They were very pleased to see returning patients from the previous year and how well the people seemed to be taking better care of their teeth. Everyone is so gracious and appreciative, it makes it such a pleasure to help out here.

The surgery team did six surgeries today. They removed a gallbladder, and treated some lumps and bumps. They have had a wonderful day overall, and can’t wait till tomorrow. Everyone is doing well.


The Honduras Mission Team