Hello,   It is another late night.   

We did a large medical brigade today.  The construction crew came with us, and they did great at crowd control.   Quite a few people went on water brigades today, many of them talked about how blessed we are in the states.   Surgeries went smooth today and they even got done on time! 

We had a great time at devotions tonight talking about how hard it is sometimes to regroup when we get back to the states.   Please be in prayer for this as they transition to being back home.  It’s very hard when you come back home and realize how much we have and how little they have and are truly filled with joy!

We are leaving for the airport tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM.  Please pray for safe travel for the team members that are traveling home.  Also pray for safety and good medical brigades for the 10 people that will be staying in Honduras until next Tuesday.   We will try to keep you updated with those medical brigades as well, but I don’t know about the internet where we will be.   I think I will close this short and sweet update by telling you that the temps here have been in the 70 – 80’s.  Doesn’t sound like it has been like that in the states.  

Thank you for your prayers!  The Honduras Mission Team