Greetings From Sunny and Warm Honduras and the best fresh fruit!

Today, Sunday Feb 27, we started the day worshiping our Lord with our Honduran brothers and sisters. It’s a beautiful thing to speak different languages yet share in the understanding and love of God. The Holy Spirit is not only in the church that you worship in, but it is here also.

Most of the afternoon was spent organizing and repacking medical supplies along with many other things—clothing, shoes, toys, blankets, toothbrushes, glasses . . . the list goes on and on. We look forward to blessing the Honduran people with these gifts in the coming days.

The construction crew met to plan the week’s activities and move some supplies around in preparation for their projects.

The nurses and doctors were extremely busy. They spent the morning seeing the surgical patients who will be done throughout the week. Just as they were finishing up, a man came into the hospital with a deep facial laceration among others. It was decided that he needed to go to the operating room to get his wounds closed, so the OR team got an earlier start on their work! They spent about 2 hours fixing him up and he looked great when they were finished. They also quickly realized they weren’t in the Pella/Michigan OR anymore with all of the regulations! It was good for the team to get a case under their belt before they start a busy week with 15 surgeries and counting. Praise God That ALL of our medicine and supplies made it here safely.


The Honduras Mission Team