Update 02.27.10

To our prayer partners:

Sorry about not sending an update yesterday. We had a full day with the people of Suyapa where we served around 200 people. The people were so appreciative and we received plus gave lots of hugs and hand shakes. We wanted to see everybody who came which means we didn’t leave there until about 4:00 pm. We had a 4 hour drive to our hotel. This drive normally would have been 3 hours but due to road construction it was much longer. Of course we needed a bathroom break half way there. We enjoyed chicken at Chester’s about 9:30.

This morning we were up bright and early to travel to a small village about 45 minutes from where we stayed for the night. This was a remote village and many people came to see us. Several had walked from the mountains.

Now we have arrived at Hospital Bautista. It was great to visit with Sandy and JoAnne. We also met Tully and Dawn the new missionaries to the hospital. As usual they had a great evening meal prepared for us. The watermelon and pineapple were so sweet. Of course the evening wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the ice cream shop.

Our devotions today focused on prayer. We thank God for the safety he gave us today while traveling and ministering to the people. They are such a blessing to us. We saw all ages of people from a 93 year old woman in a wheelchair to a baby 45 days old. It was great to minister to everyone. Robby and Kenny had fun playing outside with the kids. God is good!