Giving out Bibles to patients, delivering 5 gallon water bottles to homes in Cerro Grande and praying with them about Living Water, adding layers of cement block to the new 2 room school and having the right brace in the physical therapy area for a patient who could not walk without assistance are a little bit of the blessings that we have given and are receiving.

Hearing the many “gracias” and seeing the smiles of appreciation warms our hearts. To help you envision our surroundings we have sunny skies with 80 degree temps and sleep with the windows open at night. The hibiscus plants are blooming. The green trees give us shade. Two people are fishing at the pond.

Tomorrow we return to Ruede de Tejas for our last medical brigade. The people today had many needs. A home visit served a man dying from cancer. A preemie baby who is thriving. A grandma taking care of five very busy grandsons. Pray for our last day that we continue to use our feet to serve God. The construction guys are going to an orphanage to do some small projects. Pray for them as they interact with the kids. Thanks for prayers and can’t wait to share our stories.