Today the medical brigade went to Agua Blanca and served 420 local Hondurans distributing medicine, vitamins, lots of toys and homemade quilts and blankets.  A lot of the recipients were men and teenage boys. The Hondurans were very patient and grateful for everything that was done for  them.

The water brigade went out 5 times distributing a bag of rice and beans along with water. The people appear with any type of water container imaginable, ie Clorox bottles or antifreeze bottles.  These people live in homes with dirt floors approximately the size of a very small room.

The hospital crew planned for 6 surgeries, but due to unforeseen complications (2 patients with hypertension whose pre-op blood pressures excluded them from undergoing surgery) only 4 surgeries were completed. One of the patients who wasn’t able to have her surgery was given the appropriate medications to control her blood pressure until June when the next general surgery team will be in Guiamaca.

The construction team was able to go to two homes here in Guaimaca and do some much-needed repairs.  One woman’s home had many gaps in the walls, and the men were able to patch them and give her more substantial shelter.  It is unbelievable and awful the conditions some of these people live in, and it’s amazing how meaningful our small efforts are to them.  Their gratitude is as much a blessing to us as our meager service is to them.

Thank you for your prayers!  The Honduras Mission Team