The 1st Honduras team that has been there since Wednesday saw 100 patients today in a remote mountain village and then traveled to Guaimaca where they will be staying this week too.

Praise the Lord! The 2nd team that left this morning has safely arrived in Honduras and is now in Guaimaca also and has joined our 1st group. Tomorrow they will all be attending church with the Honduran people and helping with the children in Sunday School.

Their mission journal is called “Swimming Up Stream” and the prayer for today is: “Lord, I don’t want to stand knee deep in the water; I want to swim for you; I want to live your purposes for my life and this trip. Help me to trust that the water will hold me up. Remind me to relax and breathe in your Spirit, Lord. Keep me moving in the right direction, so that I can serve and love the people in this new location.”

Pray that the people of Honduras will see Jesus light in them!