Hello from Honduras!   Everyone is in bed except the 2 post op nurses and me – They are still taking care of patients at the hospital.  Some of the OR people didn’t get to bed until about 2 this morning – They had a couple tough surgeries yesterday.  But all the patients are doing well tonight.  

The medical brigade saw 275 people today and gave out 75 pairs of reading glasses.  I saw a lot of people on our team “show God’s love to the people of Honduras”.   

The construction crew put a new roof over the water supply?  I really don’t know much about construction, so I’m not sure what that means.  I do know that some of them really like red licorice, because they are eating all of mine.  

The Hair Ministry girls went on water brigades today and handed out rice and beans along with delivering water to people who need drinking water.  They also cut hair for some of the employees here at the hospital.  What a great addition to our team!  

The weather here has been really good.   Thanks for checking up on us and praying for us.   More news tomorrow.   Jean