Mission Team 1

We have just finished devotions and talked about some of the things we were thankful for tonight after our day at Guacoco. We saw 300 today, so it was a little crazy. The weather was great, but hotter this afternoon.

We are thankful for the health and strength that God gave us today. We are thankful for each member of the team who just jumped in and helped where ever needed. Also for the people of the church who brought us fresh cut up melons for snack this morning, a great lunch of chicken and rice, and cold water and pop for a break this afternoon. Enjoying the beauty of God’s creation here was also something we are thankful for.

Tonight we are asking for special prayers for the rest of our team that will be traveling here—Please pray for safety and ease in travel and that all the medical supplies and medicine will get through customs with out anything being taken.

Thank you for keeping up with us on this journey. We hope you don’t get too much more snow.

Love from all of us in Honduras.

Mission Team 2:

The 2nd mission team will be leaving late this afternoon to drive to Kansas City and stay overnight. Kansas City received 8 inches of snow last night, so please be in pray for safe travel tonight.

They will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6 am to fly to Honduras. Please pray for safe flights, that all their luggage makes it there as they have surgical supplies, medical supplies and medicine and for safe travel while in Honduras. They will be meeting the 1st mission team at Hospital Bautista on Saturday evening and then staying there the rest of the week.


The Honduras Mission Team