Just another Monday… Except we’re in Honduras performing surgeries, hanging drywall, reaching out to its people by delivering water, prescribing medication, and painting fingernails…

Today on our medical brigade, Emily and the eye team saw over 200 people and gave out approximately 175 glasses. As Emily was helping a mother and daughter, they asked her to pray for them and she did in Spanish. The opportunity to share with these two women was one of the highlights of her day.

Dr. Mark on our medical team spoke with a pastor who’s been in the village about a month trying to set up a ministry there. The pastor shared with Dr. Mark that he was grateful for the opportunity to speak to each adult seeking medical attention about the “practicing” physicians (like Dr. Mark) who are serving our Great Physician.

The construction team continues to build – hanging drywall, mudding, and taping; working on finishing a wing on site.

Our water brigade today took out seven loads, which means they visited seven sites. Sean shared that he was in awe at the number of people (mostly women and children) with buckets to fill. Many would go home and return with even more buckets. There are many needs here and one of them is as basic as water.

The ladies in our hair ministry painted fingernails, braided and cut hair, and searched for lice. Jaclyn, who performed lice treatments today, enjoyed hearing the giggles from the young girls getting their hair de-liced. Even with a language barrier, joy is easily translated and shared.

Our day tomorrow begins at 5:30 AM with breakfast followed by 12 hours of forming relationships and experiencing and sharing the love of our Father. 

Buenos Noches Estados Unidos!