Team update for Tuesday and Wednesday On Tuesday the team returned to Cerro Grande for another day of ministering through medicine, prayer and playing with kids.    To make the wait to see the doctor less boring, the patients of all ages were given crayons and paper to draw some pics.  What talented artists!    Byron was given several drawings to bring home. In the afternoon a local coffee farmer spread tarps on the ground by the school to dry coffee beans.   During the afternoon someone kept raking the beans to turn them to speed up the drying process.   Oh yeah, the dogs kept walking through the coffee beans too. Today we went to a different village about 35 minutes away.   That was through the very dusty back roads.  But a very beautiful drive.  It gives us an up close view of people’s homes.   Our day was busy, busy, busy.   Plus we enjoyed an 88 degree day while seeing almost 200 patients.  Tonight we are rewarding ourselves with ice cream.  Everyone is ready to enjoy the treat. Thanks for continuing to pray for us.   Tomorrow we will make house calls to people who are unable to get out.