The rest of the Honduras mission team has arrived safely in Honduras. 

Hola,  It’s so good to be in Honduras again! The last of the Pella team, all 19 made the trip today. We landed in Tegucigalpa at about 1pm. Jason had the bus ready for us with personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut and we took off for Valley of the Angels for some shopping. The bus has a new engine in it, so the steep hills were no problem. We shopped for 1 1/2 hours. Lots of shopping happened so the economy is stimulated. Sunday here is a family day. The Valley was full of Honduran families hanging out, hugging, cooking, and laughing. Gloria Van Zee had a papusa. Look them up on the web. They are so good. After shopping we started the beautiful trip to Guaimaca. The sun was setting behind us highlighting the mountains in front of us. It was gorgeous, but the road was bumpier than last year. There is so much heavy truck traffic on the roads from agricultural activities like sugar cane harvesting. The trucks are piled 8 feet taller than the beds with sugar cane stalks.

Back in Honduras we’ve had a busy night unpacking, reorganizing and preparing for lots of surgeries here on the compound and for the medical brigade going out in the morning. Our Honduran cooks made pork chops with corn/potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and peach cobbler for desert.

The temperature this evening is about 65 degrees. It is a bit cold for here, but it feels like summer to us. Many of us are now hanging out on the patio rocking in Honduran Gliders. It’s nice to not have technology interruptions in our real fellowship.

This week looks busy for surgery. There are 21 cases scheduled, not including minor procedures. They will be busy. Tuesday looks busy for the brigade as we will be going 3 hours away to a village that has not had medical care for 2 years. Pray for us to see what God is doing and join him. Pray also for health, endurance, and safety.