Hola from Honduras! The weather has been gorgeous here the last couple days. The surgical team did 3 surgeries today and they all went well. They gave us a tour of the new surgical wing tonight when we joined them for devotions at the hospital – It is very nice. Some of the medical team thought that the best room was where they had all their snacks set up. We did taste test some of them – they were good.
Dr Bruxvoort’s day didn’t start out very good today when he got locked in the bathroom for 45 minutes. Byron and his helpers ended up having to take the door off to get him out. The medical team went to Serra Grande today. We saw about 132 patients today and will probably see about the same amount there tomorrow. We have been to this village in the past years and it is so fun to see people we recognize. They come to us with smiles on their faces and give us hugs. This is also the village that our construction crew helped build a school at last year. This past year PATTH has donated money to this school for steps, railings and school uniforms. When we got there this morning all the students were standing outside on the steps in their new uniforms holding signs thanking us for helping them. It was a fun time! God is good! We have had safe travel, beautiful weather and we have had all the supplies that we have needed to help the people. Please continue to pray for us while we are here. Please pray for the Honduran people – they have many needs. Some of them don’t have enough food to eat, they don’t have jobs, their housing is not always very good and many of them are depressed. Please pray that God will continue to bless them in many ways.