“In the three years I’ve been coming to Honduras, I’ve never seen it rain. Until today.  It rained all night, was a little misty and foggy this morning, and then the sun made a grand appearance this afternoon.  The sunset over the mountains was spectacular, and it was worth taking a moment away from all the busyness of our preparations to enjoy it.

 The rest of the team visited homes of the families in the feeding program this morning, and then went to the BMDMI Children’s Home this afternoon.  The stories of abject poverty again reminded me of the continual need of this place.  But the way Lizzy described the joy and gratitude on the faces of the children at the home, reinforced the good that we’re doing, even if it’s for only a few for only a short time. 
Most of our day was spent prepping for surgical cases in the coming week.  Sonny and the staff here have done such a great job organizing all the equipment that it didn’t take us long to pull all the things we needed.  We were even able to set up two OR rooms to fit the needs of both the patients and Dr. Boogs – including a slaved double laparoscopy monitor!