The 2nd group has arrived safely and the whole team enjoyed dinner together.

They traveled to Aldea Suyapa (part of Tegucigalpa) for a medical clinic at a local church. They spent some time organizing the supplies and began their clinic around 11 a.m. Around lunch time, those that flew in yesterday joined them. It was neat to see everyone step up and help wherever needed. They had quite the team including doctors, translators, people checking patients in, some taking vitals and giving worm medicine (with candy for the kids of course), physical therapists, an eye clinic, a pharmacy and a dentist.

The weather was beautiful, not too warm, even with all the people inside the building. They enjoyed some delicious fruit along with the warm friendship of so many Honduran people.

As they look ahead to tomorrow and the coming week, please pray for continued safe travels, the children at the hospital that they will visit and compassion and patience to care for each patient we meet.