Our 1st mission team arrived safely on Wednesday, they have had quite an adventure already, They traveled by many forms of transportation. They didn’t have electricity or running water, so that’s why we haven’t heard from them. They set up a medical clinic and saw over 300 patients There were a lot of smiles when they handed out home made quilts, flip flops, cars and doll bassinets. There was also a dentist from El Salvador who pulled teeth and handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste.

They were on an island that the only way people get medical care is to take a ferry to the mainland. The team traveled back to Tegus and will be setting up a clinic in Suyapa at a school there and will be joining the 2nd group coming in today.

Please pray for safe travel for the rest of the team travelling today and continue to pray that they will be able to show God’s love to all those they come in contact with.