Good morning from Honduras!

We were very happy to be all together as a team yesterday when the 2nd part of our group arrived safely. They had good flights and arrived on time. Only a few of our meds were taken, but we think that we have plenty more.

Last night we all worked together to get the operating room and pre-op & post-op rooms. We then repacked our bags for the brigade today. We have a few people that are not feeling well. Don, Caleb and Dr Daining were not well during the night, but seem a little better today. Joyce is not feeling well this morning. Please pray for health for all of us. Today they will be starting in surgery with 2 major cases, and 5 minor cases.

We are going to a mountain village today, but not sure where yet. The bus is running, so I guess we will know when we get there—FLEXIBILITY!

We will update you again tonight! Blessings!



Hello Everyone, Another wonderful day in Guaimaca.

The surgery department was successfully active with 2 major surgeries such as a hernia repair and 6 minor surgeries such as mole removals and fatty cyst removals. A sweet little elderly lady had a skin cancer spot removed from her nose. She was so appreciative as they all were. They would thank us over and over. It was good to be part of a team who care for others and for each other. We praise and thank God for watching over us and giving us what we stand in need of.

The medical brigade team went to into a local village about 30 minutes from Hospital Baptista seeing over 150 patients. We couldn’t have asked for a more effecient day getting patients in and out as our whole team worked very well together. Families and their children were also provided with gifts, blankets and hats as temperatures do get chilly over night and early morning. People of the village were very grateful for all we were able to provide them but also the love and compassion shown to them. It’s very inspirational watching the Honduran natives throughout the day interact, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest without all of the amenities we have in the United States. We continue to thank God for the opportunity to reach out and lend a hand to our brother’s and sister’s in Christ.

Continue to pray for our team as we continue through the rest of the week.

God Bless, Team Honduras 2012