Greetings from Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

Our day started out very well at the airport in Omaha. Don said the check in with all our bags went the best ever. We enjoyed watching Bryn react to her first experience flying (the first experience she remembers that is, she first went on a plane trip when she was 6 mo old) and all the checks/ screening.

The flight to Houston went well also as did the one to Teguc. It is beautiful here with sunshine and a wonderful breeze. They said it has been raining here so the vegetation is quite green and flowers showy. The pickup was loaded down with luggage higher than the cab of the pickup and then tied down, of course.

Debi and her sister met us at the airport and also Don David. Angie De Waard also was at the airport from Nicaragua. She is doing well and plans to be with us for the week. We are staying at Don David’s house tonight and tomorrow night.

We emptied all the suitcases with meds, blankets, and supplies; then sorted the meds in categories and put them back in suitcases with labels so that we can have an “organized pharmacy” tomorrow for the clinic. We know that more than 150 numbers have been given out to people who want/need to see the doctors. Many hands make light work as we are pretty much done with that task now at 4:45 pm and dinner is at 6 pm.

We are grateful to God for a pleasant trip and a safe one. We are eager to begin clinics tomorrow and see what God has in store for us. All praise and glory is given to Him! Dinner smells really good!

Have a good night! Thanks for your prayers.