Hola from Honduras!

Hard to believe this is our last full day in Honduras. The time has gone by fast!! The truss crew finished up stacking all 14 trusses and made the top plates. The next step will be to place the trusses and put on the tin roof, which Sandy and Jo Ann will coordinate in the coming weeks. It will be exciting to see their house when it gets completed!

We had a baby girl born this morning at Hospital Bautista. How exciting to see one of God’s children take their first breath! Mother and baby are doing great. We gave the family a little bundle of goodies with blankets, diapers, a hat and a couple of outfits. We watched the mom walk in at 7:30 AM and out again with baby at 6:30 PM !! She has her husband and grandmother to help her.

After lunch, the women pampered some of the ladies on staff with pedicures. They seemed to really enjoy the special attention given to them! They remembered these pedicures from our visit two years ago!

Just before lunch some of us invited the daycare kids out to play on the swing set and teeter-totter.(Yes, they still enjoy teeter-totters here.) They are such happy children.

After the pedicures most of the group went out to deliver water to a couple of small villages near by. We enjoyed meeting these people, who are very thankful for whatever they have. We take clean running drinking water for granted, but these people would be drinking from streams and rainwater. We also left them donated items such as shirts, hats, new baby blankets, children’s shoes, coloring books and crayons.

We ask that you pray for our translators, Bessy and Carolina, who are going through some tough times right now.

We met Carolina’s family today. Her mom makes donuts to sell every day but Sundays. Jo Ann ordered these donuts one day this week, and they are GREAT! We requested to see the kitchen where they were made, and it was amazing! There was one small concrete counter top, an older electric range with one very old pan that could deep fry 3 donuts at one time. A wide mouth canning ring was used to cut the donuts out, and an empty aspirin bottle lid to cut out the donut holes.

The question of the day is: if you are standing in a house with walls and a grass floor, but no roof at all, are you inside or outside? Today, some of us were standing in such a house bringing water, when one person said, “I’m going outside to take a picture.” Another said, “You ARE outside!!” The picture to take was a double rainbow. The sky is so incredibly beautiful here, and the rainbow also had more vivid colors than we have seen before.

Here’s a little note Jo Ann wanted us to pass along to everyone… Thank you to the ladies who worked on the sewing project and got this program started. I also appreciate their love of Christ and the sharing they did with the ladies of the Church and Food Program. This was a project that I, as well as the women, have wanted to get started for the past few years. It really is a prayer answered by God! Also, I want to thank all those who worked to build the trusses for our home this week, as well as those who donated materials and gave financial support. I’m starting to see the reality of our new home being completed. In Christ’s love, Jo Ann

Tomorrow we will be traveling home. Please pray for our safe travel to Tegucigalpa (the capital city where we fly out of) and safe flights back to the states.

Thank you for your prayers!

Dios le bendiga (God Bless You)

Honduras Mission Team