Hola from Honduras!!

We had another awesome day with great weather… overcast and cool made it nice for the truss building crew! We put 6 trusses together today, for a total of 8 being done. 6 more to go! One truss consists of 113 lineal feet of boards, 124 bolts, 124 nuts, 496 washers, 28 steel plates, 4 plywood pieces (with 120 nails total in the plywood)! We figure each truss weighs ~ 700 lbs.

In the sewing area, several new ladies came in to learn to use the machines, and several ladies came back for day 2. The returning ladies helped teach the new ones. Several of the class are teens, and do very well. We also opened and used a brand new serger today, which was interesting as none of the team had used one before. We did get a core group of the local ladies using it and learning how to re-thread and problem solve on the serger. The first real project done with the serger was to stitch the edges of the denim table cloths for the dorm dining room. Everyone who came in was able to take home a placemat that they finished, and some started on a Bible cover with handles.

We also took a few minutes to stop at the daycare, and ask the lady in charge which children could really use new shoes, and we were able to provide these. All the children love to pose for a digital camera, and then enjoy seeing themselves on the camera screen.

After dinner we went to Guaimaca to get ice cream. They offered fresh fruit for banana splits, and we finished their supply of bananas. They also had new flavor of ice cream which was fig crunch.

Please continue to pray for safety for our team, good health and beautiful weather.

In their mission journals for today it talks about “When life heats up, we, understandably, want God to just walk in and put out the flames. But that’s not always the way he works. Sometimes he has us walk right through the fire because he has even greater things in mind then we can comprehend.” What are some expectations that you have of God right now? Things you’re counting on him to accomplish or provide. Are you able to trust God, even if he doesn’t?

Thank you for your prayers!!

Honduras Mission Team