Today was another great day in Honduras, our team has bonded very well together. Evey one is doing well.

We awoke to the generator still running, it started last night and continued thru the night, it did drown out the crowing roosters though!!!

This am we attended worship here at the WBM Campus, and several of us helped with Sunday school classes for the children. We did notice that there are MANY more children and young people in Sunday School this year, Dennis gave his testimony to 50 teens!! We did word searches for the 9-12 year olds and the younger children had a bible story and did coloring books.

After lunch we rested and then went to the village of Gualaca where we had church and Sunday School for about 35 people. This church is new for WBM with Domingo serving there for only three months. We spent time singing and yes the Americans DID sing for them including Jesus Loves me complete with the actions!!! It was nice finding we have songs in common. The children had Sunday School, and once again we sang some songs that were familiar to us– This Little Light of Mine, and Zaccehus were two of them . We had bible stories for the children, colored again and made Jesus bracelets. We also gave the folks small gifts before we departed, such as hats, hair bows, and tee shirts.

We had Danny (15 years old) with us to translate for us, which really enhanced our visit. We also borrowed a local worn out soccer ball to play an impromptu game of soccer before church service.

In the dining area tonight we had a group of Americans eating Chinese takeout in Honduras! After dinner the dining room was filled with 3 hours of conversation and alot of laughter. We have proven again that men can talk as much as the women do; that was Deb and Lori’s comment anyway.

Tomorrow the team will begin construction on the missionaries house. They will be building trusses for the roof, so please pray for safety for them. We will also have some of our team working in the hospital, the daycare and some working with the sewing machines to teach the Honduran women to sew.


The Honduras Mission team