Yesterday was a great day, we stopped at a couple houses on the way to the Vally of the Angels, gave out clothes, shoes, hats and some children’s clothing. We took lots of pictures. We went out to a restaurant in the valley and got back to the campus just after dark. Our God sighting was Lori’s battery in her camera went dead and she does not have a charger for it and can’t find one, but Sid’s camera has the same plug so his charger worked. Lori had looked for a charger and couldn’t find one in Pella and Des Moines but Sid’s camera was the same as Lori’s.

Today we will teach Sunday school here at the church at WBM in the morning and then probably go to San Marcos (a church plant of WBM) in the afternoon and teach Sunday school there. The weather yesterday was very sunny and beautiful. Everyone is healthy and well.

We are going to write prayers on post it notes and put them between the wood and truss plates when we assemble them and then leave the rest of them for Sandy and Joanne (missionaries we stay with) to put in the interior walls of their house.

Blessings to everyone!

The Honduras Mission Team