Greetings from Honduras!

We’ve had an awesome, God blessed week. We’ve seen prayer at work first hand after an emergency surgery on a 4 yr old boy last night. The rest of the team gathered for prayer while the surgery team was in with the boy. The Holy Spirit was felt by all and Juan is doing well today. Praise God!

The last two days we went on medical brigades to two different villages which was rewarding. The people were extremely appreciative and welcoming to us. We had time on these to play with the kids and eat a meal with them which was fun.

Our group has become a great team, friends for life. Today our three young translators that live in Honduras had to return home. We already feel like part of our team is missing. Tomorrow we’re off to the Valley of the Angels to relax, shop and enjoy some free time. It’s been a long week and we’re looking forward to this down time.

Pray for safe travel home on Saturday, we can’t wait to share all the amazing things that we’ve experienced with all of you!