Praise the Lord! Our 2nd group of the Honduras mission team has arrived safely and everything and everyone made it thru customs with no problems!
The group that was in Suyapa had a medical clinic today and saw around 260 people. Then went to the airport to meet up with the 2nd group that came in. They have all arrived safely at World Baptist Missions in Guimaca. Tonight the surgical team was getting briefed for all the surgeries that will be taking place on Monday. Pray that the Lord will guide their hands as they perform surgery. Everyone else was getting acquainted with the campus at WBM. They were also excited to meet the new missionaries (Jason and Jennifer) a young couple that have just recently started working at WBM. We ask for your prayers for them as they embark on the mission that God has called them to.
Tomorrow for church they will be going to the river for a baptism service and then traveling to San Marcos for a church service in the afternoon. Please be in prayer for safe travel.
Honduras Mission Team